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Rvwang Youth

Youth and Unity

Unity is a gift of God and the very nature of the presence of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This unity is inseperalbe unity.  Jesus prays that His deciples to live in unity in the Gospel of John 17. 

Though Rawang populations are few, just about 2 millions around the world, if we live in united spirit, we are strong enough and beautiful. Thos who try for unity are children of God where as who try to divide people are at the side of Satan. 

When we say unity, it is not just united in times of success and divided in times of failure. True unity is to be one spirit in times of success as well as in times of trials and failure. It means no divided spirit in any time and any situation. 

Though peoples are many, if not united, they are not strong. Though people are few, but united, they are strong for strength comes from inside that is Unity. 

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